About Liberty Builders

About Liberty Builders

About Liberty Builders
Our Mission

The Mission of Liberty Builders is to provide the highest quality service for new home construction and remodeling on behalf of our clients in the Louisville area.

Core Values

Here at Liberty Builders our core values are what we be believe sets us apart from the other options available. We focus our efforts on Style, Craftsmanship, Communication and Integrity, while simultaneously being focused on your budget and overall goals.

In addition, our values are founded on Christian Principles.

"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." Hebrews 3:4

New Homes

Liberty Builders was founded in 1999 by Dan Lows. Dan's philosophy was built on a foundation that now has 38 years of experience and wisdom. Dan's experience began with the managing of a lumber yard, right after graduating from college, which gave him detailed insight to the materials and processes that go into the building industry.

His experience continued to blossom as he moved into the corporate side of the lumber industry and began to administrate purchasing and selling of materials across all building spectrum's, including everything from retail to wholesale.

New Home
As a result of this experience and knowledge, Dan decided to move into the building industry directly and on his own as a builder, being equipped with detailed knowledge as to the quality and costs associated with new home construction and remodeling.

Combined with this knowledge, experience and background and that being solidified in the integrity that comes with Dan's Christian convictions, he has brought about a successful building and remodeling company and has delighted himself to serve his customers and our surrounding community as a whole.

To learn more, or discuss the details of your specific needs, simply enter your contact information and any questions you may have.

...or, call us today: 502 . 386 . 7387

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