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Do It Yourself Home

Are you considering building your new custom home or renovating your current home on your own? Are you nervous about handing all the control and budget to someone else, but uncertain about whether you are able to take on all the risks alone?

Do It Yourself Home
Here at Liberty Builders, we want to you be assured and confident in approaching your new home build or renovation on your own, by offering detailed and involved consultation services on an hourly rate. This approach gives you a flexible budget, based on your individual needs and project.

We accomplish this by being your personal and sound adviser each step of the process. We help you get your plans and drawings together, finding the right lot or additional land, dealing with permits, zoning and even construction financing options.

Do It Yourself Home
Do It Yourself Home
In short, we become your personal adviser and mentor throughout the whole process, even to the point of recommending where to buy materials, what sub-contractors have the best reputation and how to handle the distribution of your construction funds in a way that will bring about the optimal result.

Doing it on your own can be a scary proposition however; with Liberty Builders by your side, you can rest assured that you are going to accomplish your goal with minimal risks.

To learn more, or discuss the details of your specific needs, simply enter your contact information and any questions you may have.

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