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The first step to making your ideas a reality. We are happy to offer a no-cost onsite consultation to discuss and begin to define the goals of your project.

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Having accurately defined the project goals, we work with you to create various planning design ideas for discussion and critique. This process helps us define the overall function and style of the project.

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Once we have good direction and a general understanding of the project we enter into the design development phase. This is an important phase that takes the project from plan (conceptual) design to construction document drawings. Design refinement is critical at this point as we focus in on detail development. This is also the stage where we begin to examine cost implications and make sure that we can achieve the project within the overall project budget. Value engineering is one of the most critical skills a design-build firm must have to deliver the highest level of value to its' clients. We take this step in the construction process very seriously; we pride ourselves on developing thoughtful, creative, and innovative solutions while keeping within the financial parameters.

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We offer full drafting services to turn our planning designs into professionally detailed blueprints, ready for the permitting process.

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All estimates are diligently prepared with a detailed, realistic, and easy to understand assessment of construction costs. Our years of experience in construction ensure our clients peace of mind, knowing the costs of their project prior to the start of construction with no surprises.

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The permitting process can be complex, from our years of building in this area we have learned the ins and outs of it. We offer efficient, affordable permit preparation and submittal to ensure that your project doesn't get held up by paperwork associated with the permitting process.


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Any experienced builder will tell you, the key to a successful project is in the planning. Where many contractors tend to rush into the construction and find issues along the way, Liberty Builders believes in taking the necessary time and committing the necessary resources to plan for a smoothly run project. We take the initiative to gather information necessary to create accurate, realistic project budgets and schedules. In the situation of a remodel or addition, we take the time to really examine the existing structure and do everything possible to foresee potential issues and understand their implications on the project prior to beginning construction. Prior to construction we deliver each of our clients a well organized project file, which enables them to have all of the necessary information they need to understand about their project, and keep track of information throughout the construction process.

To learn more, or discuss the details of your specific needs, simply enter your contact information and any questions you may have.

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